One of the most visible things about Community Forklift is our reuse warehouse store full new and used salvaged building materials, appliances, furniture, and more. This fun and funky space is great in itself, but there are even greater accomplishments happening below the surface. This spring we’re celebrating these “Forking Amazing” things that reuse does for our community, including:

  • Providing free materials to households with limited income
  • Distributing free materials to community organizations
  • Conserving natural resources and reducing waste
  • Creating good green local jobs
  • Fostering a sustainable and just community
  • Preserving historic materials and supporting reuse

Help us continue to provide these benefits to our community by supporting your hometown reuse nonprofit. If you appreciate the work that we do, here’s how you can help:

  • Donate $25 or more at the front desk in our reuse warehouse and get one of these snazzy limited edition “Forking Amazing” tshirts!
  • Donate $1 or more at the front desk and add your name to our “Forking Amazing” wall! Ask at the front desk and they’ll give you a nametag to fill out and stick up there.
  • Ask at the front desk for a free “Forking Amazing” sticker! Wear or share it with pride and let other people know why the Community Forklift reuse warehouse is so “Forking Amazing”!

As always, we appreciate your support for Community Forklift and for helping us continue to lift up our neighbors through reuse. Thank you for being a part of our “Forking Amazing” community!