Donate a Vehicle

In addition to building materials, Community Forklift also accepts donations of a wide variety of vehicles! They can be in running or non-running condition, but vehicles must be worth more than the cost of the tow in order to be accepted.

Give us a lift with a vehicle donation!

Vehicle donations are a natural fit for our mission. Donating to Community Forklift is a green choice that supports our daily reuse operation and turns that old beater into a reusable resource. Thank you for the support!

You can donate your:

  • Commuter Vehicle: Car, Truck, SUV, Minivan, or Motorcycle
  • Recreational Vehicle: Motorhome or Camper
  • Watercraft: Motorboat, Sailboat, Fishing Boat, Houseboat, Jet Ski, or Pontoon Boat
  • Specialty Vehicle: Snowmobile, ATV, Riding Lawn Mower, Motorized Wheelchair, Golf Cart, Forklift, or Tractor
  • Company Fleet Vehicle: Bus, Van, Box Truck, Learjet, or Ambulance
  • Uber-Special Vehicle: Spacecraft, Dirigible, Battleship, UFO, Cruise ship, or Submarine


Sara donated her car (lovingly named Stanley) to Community Forklift in 2022. Thanks for supporting our reuse nonprofit, Sara!