Amazon Select Paint

The Amazon Select Paint at Community Forklift is an eco-friendly latex paint that is manufactured from surplus paints collected from governments, businesses, and consumers. The paint is reprocessed to guarantee that every gallon meets strict color and coverage specifications and then packaged and sold here at the reuse warehouse and across the country.


  • Amazon Select latex paint
  • 20 beautiful and consistent colors
  • interior or exterior applications on drywall, wood, stucco, or masonry
  • low-sheen finish (between a flat and an eggshell)
  • washable and scrubbable


By using Amazon recycled content paint, you are helping to protect the environment. Replacing new paint with recycled paint saves resources that would have been used in making the new paint. The energy used to make and transport the paint, as well as the minerals, chemicals and pigments that are needed to make new paint are all saved when recycled paint replaces virgin paint. Wastes associated with the manufacture of new paint are avoided. Finally, by using recycled content paint, you are preventing that paint material from ending up in a landfill or, worse, down a drain. Using recycled content paint saves resources, saves energy, reduces pollution, and reduces landfill waste.

Use of Amazon Select Paint qualifies for LEED credits because the paint contains over 80% post-consumer content material. Amazon Select Paint is also Green Seal certified.


Visit our reuse warehouse to check out all of the available Amazon Select Paint, or shop a selection online in our Community Forklift Marketplace!


Every paint can donated is opened and inspected to make sure it is usable paint. Good quality, reusable paints are hand sorted by color for processing into recycled paint. Amazon Select Paint meets the same specifications as high quality virgin paint sold by the nation’s leading manufacturers.

Reusable paints of the same color are pumped into a tank and mixed with a high-speed mixer. The paint is tested for viscosity, color, sheen, coverage, pH and other characteristics. The paint is then adjusted with additives as necessary to meet strict specifications. Finally, the paint is filtered and packaged for sale.

Non-reusable paints are manufactured into other products, including Processed Latex Pigment (PLP). PLP is an alternative raw material used in the manufacture of cement, and is made using Amazon’s patented processes.