treincarnation live edge lumber

Treincarnation Live Edge Lumber

Our partners at Treincarnation create sustainably-harvested, rough-planed specialty lumber — and it’s available here at Community Forklift! This local company works to bring a second beautiful life to trees felled by storms or removed to make way for development. Instead of chipping them into mulch, Treincarnation mills these hardwoods into ‘live edge’ lumber, which is stacked and air-dried for years to bring out the best qualities in the wood.


  • local Washingon, DC, and Maryland tree species including walnut, cherry, maple, and more
  • planed and air dried
  • varying lengths up to 16 feet and widths up to 28 inches
  • 1-2 inches thick
  • great for tables, benches, shelving, and more

We list a selection of available Treincarnation live edge lumber online! Check the Marketplace listings to view photos, measurements, and information. Purchase online and pick up at our reuse warehouse within five days. If you don’t see the piece you’re looking for online, visit our reuse warehouse in person to see all of the slabs that we have in stock!


Check out our Reuse Inspiration: Treincarnation page to see some of the projects Forklift Fans have created using Treincarnation live edge lumber from our reuse warehouse!

treincarnation live edge lumber