Community Building Blocks (CBB)

Community Forklift provides mini-grants of store credit to community groups and nonprofits for projects that serve the greater community. Since 2011, Community Forklift has worked with around 500 organizations and provided over $340,000 worth of materials.

If your organization is in need of building materials and/or household items in order to better serve your community, please follow the steps below.


Download our CBB program info letter (PDF) for more information about how the program works. The info letter details how you can qualify, the types of verification we need, and what to expect during the process.


Fill out the CBB program application here. This is the only way to apply for our program. Make sure to fill out all the required fields and click Submit at the bottom. The form will show you a message to confirm you successfully sent it to us.


Come in for your scheduled appointment time with our Community Giving Manager. We’ll give you an overview of how the program works and you’ll be scheduled for an appointment. During this time, we’ll go over all of our policies and procedures.  Then, we’ll either award you specific materials, or get you set up with a grant to come back to the warehouse at your convenience.


Arrange transportation for your materials and take them home, free of cost!


Working in partnership with Lutheran Social Services National Capital Area, our CBB program provides free materials to help furnish apartments for refugee families in the DMV area.

“Thanks to Community Forklift we were able to select some supplies to help with the construction of our library and food pantry. Thank you all for the amazing partnership and work you all do daily in the community!”

Gesireth Mariscal

Community School Coordinator, Cherokee Lane Elementary School