Community Forklift provided free salvaged materials for Calverton Elementary School’s updated teachers’ lounge. “The school was inspired to create a teacher’s lounge to create a space that makes staff feel more appreciated and to provide a safe space to relax,” said Ms. R, a 3rd Grade Math Teacher at the school in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Ms. R applied to Community Forklift’s Community Building Blocks program on behalf of the school. The Community Building Blocks program distributes free materials to nonprofits, schools, and community groups for projects that serve the greater community. Our reuse nonprofit was able to supply Calverton Elementary School with a free sofa and countertop microwave for their project.

“Community Forklift is a great organization! Thank you for working with them to bring these items,” said a school staff member to Ms. R.

In addition to items for the teachers’ lounge, Community Forklift provided the school with four salvaged student desks. One student who was working at a classroom supply table instead of a desk was particularly excited about this donation. “Her face lit up when she realized the desk that was donated was for her to use. She was so happy,” Ms. R said.

Ms. R shared that the work she’s doing at Calverton Elementary inspires her — especially when students and the community benefit. “When in the classroom, I feel inspired when students are learning new material and are eager to learn more about a topic,” she added. Thank you for your enthusiasm and hard work, Ms. R!

The Community Building Blocks Program acts as a resource to support schools, nonprofit organizations, and community groups all around the DMV area. Read the Community Building Blocks news updates on our website to learn about some of the other projects that have been completed using free salvaged materials from Community Forklift. If you know of an organization that could benefit from free items, please direct them to our website to learn more and apply.

“Her face lit up when she realized the desk that was donated was for her to use. She was so happy!”

Ms. R

3rd Grade Math Teacher, Calverton Elementary School

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