Once hardware, now upcycled art! This Forklift Fan makes all kinds of charismatic robots out of salvaged hardware and other materials from Community Forklift and beyond. It’s inspiring to see how their imagination transforms everyday items into something with so much personality! Photos by @spuriousrobot (Instagram)

These gold wall panels from our reuse warehouse make a unique and glamorous headboard in their new home. BONUS: the shelf above the headboard is made from salvaged wood from Community Forklift too!

Check out the new use for this salvaged arched door from Community Forklift! Inspired by a trip to Cartagena, Kate Roberts combined the door with brown grilles and black strap hinges for a one-of-a-kind entrance to her master bathroom. Thanks for choosing reuse and saving these materials from the landfill! Photos by @katmondolifestyle (Instagram)

A salvaged kitchen cabinet set, refrigerator, and countertop from Community Forklift were put to fabulous reuse in the studio space for Tyler Whitmore Interiors. “We made great use of these cabinets all around our office, kitchen, and work space. We color matched the cabinets and painted the shelving in our office to match,” Tyler said. Thanks for using salvaged materials in your project, Tyler!

Wow! Check out a Forklift Fan’s violin studio at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop created with secondhand furniture and art! The vibrant and inspiring space includes salvaged end tables, poster, table lamps, and rug from Community Forklift’s warehouse. Reuse for the win! Photos by @district_runway (Instagram)

This cat fence is green in more ways than one! A Forklift Fan constructed this lovely lime green divider with shutters and a fireplace screen from our reuse warehouse. It keeps Otis from wandering onto his neighbor’s balcony! Genius! Photos by @zacharycutler (Instagram)

Use salvaged lumber to support cucumber? Upcycle cedar to create your own Harris Teeter? A Community Forklift fan created this smart raised garden bed using salvaged wood from the reuse warehouse!

A Forklift Fan did a phenomenal job with this kitchen! In Sarah’s words: “the 4 ft. piece of countertop stone we got from Community Forklift was perfect! Your crew was so helpful. They loaded it in the back of our car and everything. We believe in reusing and recycling as much as possible and appreciate there’s a community resource like Community Forklift to make this possible!” Photos by @GoodStuffRescue (Instagram)

Sue Decker makes gorgeous ceramics using salvaged light fixtures as molds! Check out this fruit bowl made from a 1920’s-era glass shade from Community Forklift. It’s so cool to see the design live on in another form! Photos by @sudecker1 (Instagram)


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