What does “Building Rooted Communities” mean to us at Community Forklift? The recovery and redistribution of valuable salvaged materials inspires important social, environmental, and economic change in our communities.

This change helps to build a sense of rootedness for our neighbors. Being rooted means that people can afford to stay in their homes and live in their communities safely and freely. Being rooted also means that local businesses, individuals, and community partners have the tools and resources they need to create lasting social change, support our environment, and promote equity for all.

In rescuing usable materials from the landfill, we give people access to low-cost and free home and building supplies. By diverting over $45 million (and counting!) worth of materials from the waste stream and reinvesting that right back into our local economy, Community Forklift is a catalyst for people to build more resilient and creative communities.

Limited-edition Community Forklift T-shirts
Check out our new “Building Rooted Communities” t-shirts! They are available for $25 at our reuse warehouse! If you can’t make it to the warehouse, you can also find them online in our Community Forklift Marketplace (plus $7.75 shipping) in both blue and green. Thank you for supporting our reuse nonprofit and helping us build rooted communities!