This fireplace mixes old and new with a salvaged vintage mantel from Community Forklift and a new electric fireplace insert. Such a cool (warm?) idea! I love the blue color and fluted columns. Thanks for choosing reuse and giving this beautiful woodwork a new home! Photos by @RachelDaugherty (Facebook)

These restored ladder-back chairs look phenomenal! MCH Furniture Restoration picked up the pair at the Community Forklift reuse warehouse, completely rewove the Danish Cord seats, and refinished the solid walnut frames. Thanks for saving these pieces from the landfill and giving them a new lease on life! Photos by @mch.furniturerestoration (Instagram)

This set of unique cabinets from Community Forklift looks gorgeous in its new home! Installed in a dining room, the cabinets hold everything needed to set a special meal: china, serving platters, chafing dishes, and candles. The unique panels and hinges are beautiful and the crisp white looks great against the deep wall color. Thanks for choosing reuse and giving this fantastic cabinet set a new use!

This bathroom renovation used some great salvaged floor tile from Community Forklift! And check out that sink bowl! Tile, vanities, pedestal sinks, toilets, medicine cabinets, and more are all available at below market prices at our reuse warehouse. Choose to reuse and help conserve natural resources!

Isn’t this upcycled vinyl record artwork awesome? Hailey at Wildry finds another use for vinyls that are too scratched up to play. This bunch came from Community Forklift’s reuse warehouse! I love the concept and colors. Photos by (Instagram)

Wow, this desk is a stunner! I love how the gray paint frames and highlights the wood design on the top. The new finish on the hardware looks slick too! Thanks to the Forklift Fan who gave a new home to this fabulous piece of furniture! Photos by @Kat Sklz (Facebook)

Scott Zinke at Scotticus Contracting used salvaged spindles from the reuse warehouse to update the railings in this attic renovation. “We’d already refinished most of the attic into a light airy space, but the existing railings were far from meeting current safety codes,” Scott said. “We fabricated new railing inserts, making good use of spindles from local reclamation supplier Community Forklift!” Photos by @scotticuscontracting (Instagram)


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