Thank you for nominating us in Washington City Paper’s Best of D.C. 2021!

We really appreciate the love and support you’ve shown us by nominating us. We’ve won the “Best Green Business” category every year since 2014 and we’re so happy to be in the running again!

This year there’s a bit of a twist! We’ve been nominated for “Best Green Business” and … “Best Adult Toy Store”? We can honestly say we weren’t expecting the latter, but we appreciate your enthusiasm for our reuse warehouse and its contributions to your hobbies, whatever they might be. 

Please help us continue our winning streak by voting us “Best Green Business” again. Voting ends this Sunday, September 19! Here’s how to vote:

1) Visit the Washington City Paper Best Of D.C. 2021 website.
2) Select the GOODS category
3) Find “Best Green Business”
4) Click “VOTE” next to “Community Forklift”
5) Enter your email address

Thank you for the support!