One of Community Forklift’s nonprofit partners, Uniting US, recently opened the Summer with the Arts exhibition in collaboration with the Military Women’s Memorial. Located at the ceremonial entrance to Arlington National Cemetery and open to the public during regular hours, the exhibit features work by more than a hundred artists. “The range of artworks created by Uniting US artists for the Summer with the Arts exhibition is breathtaking,” says Uniting US Executive Director, AnnMarie Halterman.

Some of those works of art are displayed on custom-made gallery pedestals created by the Community Forklift team and donated through our Community Building Blocks Program (CBB). This program provides free materials to other nonprofits for projects that benefit the community. Since 2011 we have partnered with over 400 organizations and awarded over $400,000 in store credit.

Uniting US works to inspire participation in therapeutic art activities and unite service members and the community in which they live. They provide art supplies, therapeutic art experiences, art exhibit bookings, speaking engagements, mentoring, and more. The Summer with the Arts exhibition runs through September 7, 2021.

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