“I picked this up the other weekend from your store! I couldn’t believe how well it cleaned up. Thank you for saving these special pieces of the past.” Thank YOU to a Forklift Fan for supporting reuse and helping us provide free and low-cost home improvement materials to the community! The new-to-you knobs and backplates look great!

The black and gold color scheme really highlights the beautiful details on this side table! The new owner had this to say about the upcycling project: “This entire set was destined for the trash but a little love and paint made it pretty again.” Indeed!

With some paint and new hardware, a creative Forklift Fan turned these vintage desks into beautiful nightstands! A lot of the furniture in the reuse warehouse can serve multiple purposes: china cabinets can be bookshelves, dressers can be sideboards. What ideas do you have for reuse?

Check out this awesome garden fence created with wrought iron pieces from Community Forklift! The wrought iron is attached to wooden posts and then everything is painted black to match. Thanks to a Forklift Fan for sending in photos of their creative reuse project!

Man, what a difference a coat of paint makes! These lawn chairs look awesome in their new bright blue hue, and the total cost for the chairs and paint was only $20. Thanks to a Forklift Fan for giving these chairs a spectacular new look!

Can you believe this beautiful renovation featuring salvaged lighting, tile, and cabinets from Community Forklift? The Forklift Fan who sent in these photos says “I’m lucky to live pretty close to the fantastic community focused salvage warehouse Community Forklift. They also collected materials and fixtures from our demo, minimizing our construction waste a little. I felt proud to learn new skills and to breathe life back into these finds.”

Would you like to share a project that you’ve completed using salvaged materials from Community Forklift? Send photos and a short description to outreach@CommunityForklift.org or tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!


Every time you donate or shop at Community Forklift, you’re helping us lift up local communities through reuse.  We turn the construction waste stream into a resource stream for communities in the DC region – by keeping perfectly good items out of the landfill, preserving historical materials, providing low-cost building supplies, and creating local green jobs.