Check out this upcycled radiator cover at Right Place Studio! Located in the Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market in DC, the shop sells DC-themed watercolor prints, cards, puzzles, and creative supplies. Here’s what they had to say about their project:

“I didn’t know what I was looking for when I walked into Community Forklift today but when I saw this old radiator cover, I knew it would be perfect for hiding the ugly vent hose at the entrance to my shop.”

Thanks for giving the vintage radiator cover a new purpose and saving it from the landfill! It looks like a great way to greet people who come to the shop! Photos by @RightPlaceStudio (Instagram)

This sunny faux fireplace created by a Forklift Fan (with help from her cat, Barb) adds so much coziness to this space! They used a salvaged mantel from Community Forklift and plywood with adhesive tiles for the inside and floor. Thanks for giving this mantel a beautiful new home! Photos by @violodendron (Instagram)

These Forklift Fans followed the blue brick road to their own awesome vegetable garden! This is such a great reuse for these blue industrial-size bricks (we have them in red and white as well … how patriotic!) and the gravel paths are genius. Thanks for finding a new, creative reuse for salvaged stuff!

Ta daaaaaa! A Forklift Fan used this salvaged schoolhouse lampshade from our reuse warehouse to great effect! Paired with a pendant light kit, the shade delivers all sorts of vintage charm in this space — much more than it would be doing if dumped in a landfill. Donate and shop for modern and vintage shades at Community Forklift! There are all sorts of cool styles! Photos by @nikki.rosato (Instagram)

This project using doors from Community Forklift is still going strong 10 years later! We’ve got hundreds of salvaged doors at the reuse warehouse and a few of them came in handy for this powder room, utility room, and storage closet renovation. The stained double doors are a single door cut in half to make a pair! Thanks for choosing reuse and giving these materials a fantastic new second life.

Another awesome garden created with upcycled materials from Community Forklift! The gardener was inspired by our post about another Forklift Fan’s raised beds and decided to create their own for a mix of flowers and veggies. Thanks for supporting the reuse warehouse and finding a home for this salvaged lumber!

This mahogany sideboard from Community Forklift proves the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover,” or — in this case — by its finish! Beautifully restored by Mark at MCH Furniture Restoration, the sideboard was part of Phelps and Bradley Co.’s “Boston Line” and has mortise and tenon joints, solid mahogany legs and components, satinwood inlay, and a dovetailed drawer. Thanks for giving this beautiful piece a new lease on life! Photo by @mch.furniturerestoration (Instagram)

Dogs napping on salvaged sofas might be one of our new favorite genres of photography. Winnie Ruth the Newfoundland loves this salvaged leather sofa from Community Forklift as much as the rest of her family! As owner Benjamin says, the extra deep seating “makes her look normal size.” Thanks for supporting our reuse nonprofit and choosing salvaged furniture! We hope Winnie Ruth lets you sit on it occasionally. Check out @winnieruth_thenewf on Instagram!


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