A magnolia design burned into a piece of Treincarnation live edge lumber from Community Forklift: brilliant and beautiful! Slow Burn created the artwork on a roughly 12” x 10” piece of elm. Thanks for supporting the reuse warehouse and choosing salvaged lumber! Photo by @the_slowburn_ (Instagram)

While Lulu might be a little miffed about their creation, I think these dog gates made with materials from the reuse warehouse look fantastic! What a great reuse for brackets, lumber, and salvaged wrought iron railing. Thanks to Lulu’s creative owner for finding a new purpose for these materials!

This curved and carved mantel from the reuse warehouse looks so incredibly elegant in its new home! The colors of the summer cover and wall set off the details so well. Thanks to a Forklift Fan for finding a stunning reuse for this fantastic piece of architectural salvage! Photo by @queengwenn (Instagram)

Shutters: good for privacy both indoor and out! Check out this fantastic privacy screen created with salvaged window shutters and hinges from Community Forklift. They painted them, added the hinges, and weighted them with planters and pavers in order to create privacy for their hot tub and patio! Photo by @agrotke (Instagram)


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