This renovated living room features a faux fireplace created using architectural salvage from Community Forklift! The mantel, mirror, tile, artwork, grate, and more are all salvaged pieces from the reuse warehouse. Visit the blog post for more info on the project!

This quarantine project is a stunner! Forklift Fans created this backyard building using salvaged windows, doors, and shutters from Community Forklift! This storybook shed serves as a playhouse for their toddlers and a photo studio. Thanks for using salvaged materials in your project and supporting Community Forklift!

Check out this awesome coffee table created with Treincarnation live edge lumber from Community Forklift! The box design, corner detail, and butterfly joints are stellar. Thanks to a Forklift Fan for sharing their awesome project and for supporting reuse and Community Forklift!

A window from Community Forklift makes an awesome upcycled frame for a canvas print! From a Forklift Fan: “This huge seeded glass old window became a faux window photo frame. It was white originally (I think), and we did a few layers of paint, including a crackle finish. The photo is one I took from the real window of that very same room.” Thanks for sharing your creative project and supporting reuse!

Check out this salvaged sideboard! A couple of Forklift Fans upcycled this piece and gave it a light new look. Thanks for supporting Community Forklift and helping conserve natural resources and reduce landfill waste!

Thanks to a Forklift Fan for sharing the project she completed using salvaged shutters from Community Forklift! She wrote: “Do you know how expensive massive, custom size shutters are?!? I didn’t either (we’re talking thousands just for the first level, random-size windows). So you can imagine my surprise and delight when I found the perfect size shutters at my favorite salvage warehouse Community Forklift! With a little elbow grease, a power washer, and a paint sprayer, I got the exact shutters that would have cost me 5K for under $100!” Thanks for supporting reuse and Community Forklift!

Check out the transformation of this corner hutch using paint from Community Forklift! A Forklift Fan used oops paint and eco-friendly recycled Amazon Select Paint to give this cabinet a creative new finish. Thanks for using salvaged materials and sharing your project! If you’d like to learn more about Amazon Select Paint, visit our website or check out some of the colors on the Community Forklift Marketplace.


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