Sitting outside on a cold and windy April Day at Community Forklift, I spy cardboard tumbleweed as the breeze picks up detritus from someone loading building materials into their truck. The ground cover here is a mix of industrial odds and ends and bits of leaves, dust and petals from the natural park area across the street. And so much like us, a strange and exhilarating mix of “the made” and the natural, the discarded and the selected, the reality of degradation and the possibility for renewal.

We have shared with our neighbors and friends a year of contradictions, difficulty and struggle. And we have stood steadfast and have remained open and have continued to provide critically needed home essentials. So this year we honor “Earth Day” by recognizing the resilience, creativity and care in our corner of the planet.

Thank you to all that have supported us and continue to work in common cause to save our dear home, Planet Earth.

Nancy J. Meyer
Community Forklift CEO